Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I tried out the Miracle Gel today. I think it's a great product to have as part of your beauty routine. It's a gel manicure with NO UV/LED light needed! How amazing is that?! You can give yourself a manicure and pedicure right in your own home! 

  Ready to paint my nails!

I received the color Redgy. It's a very pretty red as you can see in the pictures. It dries really fast, so no need to wait to apply a second coat. By the time I painted my pinky finger, I was ready for a second coat, that's how fast it dries! 

You apply two coats of the Miracle Gel then top it off with the Miracle Gel Top Coat. You have 45 amazing colors to choose from! 

You can see the amazing shine after the Top Coat! How pretty!


Instructions are right on the back of the box. Also includes a $2.00 off coupon! Saving money while looking pretty, can't get better than that!

No UV/LED light needed, easy soak free removal and no base coat needed are just a few of the amazing benefits from Miracle Gel. I'm only on Day 1 but this lasts 14 days! No need to re-apply for 2 weeks! 


You can find them at their website:

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Camp

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted...

Our 8 year old loves going to camp. He got to go to Camp Walter Johnson through Salvation Army about 2 years ago. The camp is located in North Carolina. He had so much fun there!

On May 13th (well about a week before) I found a certain Twitter Party. It was on May 13th 9 at night. To RSVP for this certain party, you had to register for the Sunny D ProCamps and send in your registration proof as well as including your twitter handle. I did just that. I chose the Steven Smith Football camp in North Carolina, about 2 hours away. I attended the party and learned more about this opportunity. I then bookmarked the page so I could enter everyday for a chance to win. It's an absolute once in a lifetime experience. I tried to remember to enter everyday, usually it ended up being 2-3 times a week I would enter. One week, I wrote it down and put it on the computer desk where I could see it everyday. That one week, I entered everyday! After that, I became too busy to take a few minutes to enter everyday. I don't think I entered at all after that. I honestly completely forgot all about it. 

I checked my email one morning and saw the subject Sunny D ProCamp. I figured it was an email saying something like 'Sorry you aren't a winner, but here's a thank you for entering'. Most of the contests I've entered do send an email with a coupon or percentage off an order for entering their contest. I read it and my jaw dropped. It was a winner email!! I won a free entry into the camp I selected!

I'm still in shock and super excited for our son, Aden, who will be attending the camp!! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, something you don't pass up! If my son didn't want to go (I knew he would, he wants to end up playing football) I would go in his place (If I could). He's going to learn so much! He gets to interact with Steve Smith and Luke Kuechly!! I'll be honest, I had no idea who either were til this contest. Shows I don't watch football, huh? He'll learn so much about football from these amazing guys! I think I'm more excited than he is! It is June 12th and June 13th for 3 1/2 hours each day. It will be an early start both days, but so worth it for Aden to get to experience this! Plus we'll get to explore Charlotte for a bit too! His dad will be at work so he won't be able to join us, but our youngest, who is 5, will get to watch his brother participate.

He's holding the registration confirmation papers! Will definitely be posting again with pictures from the camp!

There is still time to enter to win for your child!
Go here and fill out the form!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Quick and Easy Meal Time (Recipe)

Taco Ring  (Pictures will follow)

What you will need:

1 pound of ground beef (or 2, depending on how many you are feeding)
Taco Seasoning Packet (1 or 2, depending on your meat)
Shredded Cheese (we love using the combo pack, cheddar and monterey jack)
4 cans of Croissants (We use Pillsbury, Original, 8 count) (2 if you are doing 1 pound)
1 or 2 baking sheets (round would be better, but we don't own round ones)

Step 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees (or 350 for non stick or dark pans, usually whatever the temperature says on the can of biscuits.
Step 2. Brown the hamburger meat like normal.
Step 3. Add taco seasoning (follow instructions on packet)
Step 4. Spray the pan with Pam or non stick cooking spray.
Step 5. Open the can of biscuits, roll them out and make a circle, laying them somewhat on top of each other.
Step 6Take the meat and put it towards in the inner part of each biscuit. Continue until each one has a good size of meat on it.
Step 7. Sprinkle cheese on top of the meat.
Step 8. Take the pointy end of the biscuit and fold it over the meat and tuck it under the inner part of the circle. (sometimes it doesn't always go under it perfectly)
Step 9. Bake for 10-12 minutes (usually whatever is on the can)
Step 10. Enjoy! You can dip in ranch or even salsa.

Pictures are below of a few steps :-)

Step 5:

Step 6: 

Step 7:

Step 8:

Step 9:  I have to cook two of them (4 people), but they get eaten up!

Step 10: Enjoy!

This is a recipe my mom taught me and thought I would share with everyone (also can be found searching google). Hope you can follow along easily (first time typing up a recipe).

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Last night we went to the drive in, Monetta Drive In here in South Carolina. The first time we've been since they opened this year (which was only last month).

We've been keeping a watch on the website to see what movies were playing and what movie pairs were playing. We didn't have the money this week to go. I decided for the hell of it, to check the website to see what was playing. So should not have done that....

Low and behold, they were playing the one movie I've been wanting to see since it came out. 
CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER!! And a BIG plus, Rio 2 was paired with it. I showed my husband and he said "I know where we're going this weekend." That was probably the only time both of those movies were going to be paired together so we HAD to go. We got the money up and went to the movies!

Rio 2 was shown first, which was great, because I knew the kids weren't going to be up for the second movie. It was great! Such a family movie and hilarious. Must see movie if you haven't already seen it!

I don't know what got me into the Superhero movies, but I get so excited every time a new one comes out. This movie is so worth the time and money. It's a little over 2 hours long. They did great with the movie. They seem to pick the perfect people for superhero. Chris Evans is amazing. To my amazement, our 8 year old actually stayed awake to watch all of Captain America. He loves the Superhero movies too! :-)

So happy we went and had a great time. Can't beat 2 movies for the price of 2 movie tickets if you went to the theater! $24 total for all 4 of us for 2 movies. If we went at night for one of these movies, 4 tickets would somewhere around $40! And that's only for ONE movie. We don't go to the theater unless I win tickets.

Next month we are going back for the new X-Men movie coming out! Hopefully they pair it with something great too! :-)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Divergent! *My Opinion*

Has everyone seen the movie Divergent yet??

From the first time I saw the trailer, which was during The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in theaters, I wanted to see the movie so bad! It looked fun, entertaining and exciting! 

I know the books have been out a while, but I've never read them until I saw the movie trailer. I went through my local library and checked them out for Kindle. To my surprise, ALL 3 books came available at the same time! Now, my problem? I only had 21 days to read all 3!
As much as I LOVE to read, I didn't think I was able to do read all 3 in that time frame. I read them as often as I could, when I had to return them, I was in the last book with just a few chapters left. 

I wasn't able to finish those last chapters unfortunately. A girlfriend and I went on March 30th to see the movie. We would have went opening night but she was away on her honeymoon. (YAY! Congrats to her!) We went to the 7pm showing. SO excited to see it!

I won't post any spoiler alerts just in case those of you that haven't seen the movie that read this, it won't give anything away. 

I love the movie and can't wait for Insurgent and then Allegiant. In my opinion, it did move a little fast. I understand that every detail can't be included because it would be a 6+ hour movie (I love movies, so I wouldn't mind LOL). More of the details from the book could have been added, but not to over do it and make it too much of course. I love that they did add certain events and details from the book into the movie. Made it much more enjoyable. You know those certain events in books that NEED to be included in the movie for it to make sense to the viewer? They did that well with some from the book. 

I had to read the books pretty fast so towards the end of the movie, I was a little confused (thinking that some events were already coming from the second book into the first movie). So I bought the books from Amazon, so I officially own them. I bought them on sale at Amazon. It's all 3 books in a bundle for $14.99 (prices can change at any time, so please be aware of that)

Here's a link to the page:

So I will be rereading all 3 books, hopefully now that I can read them on my own time, I'll be able to enjoy them better!

I can never get enough for the trailers that are out! Please enjoy this 3 minute trailer! :-)

My question:
Has anyone seen Divergent? What did you think about it? Your opinion? 

Thank you for bearing with me and visiting my blog!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Putting financial priorities into perspective

Overspending can jeopardize your financial situation!

Putting financial priorities into perspective

This video highlights how spending habits help put financial priorities into perspective.
Good to Know